Precision Waterjet Cutting
In response to client request, we began abrasive waterjet cutting in 2011. Waterjet offers many advantages:

  • Net shape parts - no burrs or dross
  • Cold cutting - no stress or deflection of material
  • Cuts sheet metals with   substantial thickness
  • Cuts complex shapes with high accuracy
  • Fast cutting speeds

With no tooling or fixturing involved, waterjet is great for prototyping and small lot jobs.

Waterjet Cutting Specs


Max. Speed:

Max. Pressure:

Accuracy of Motion:

Repeatability of Motion:


1000 in./min.

55,000 psi


Sheet Capacities

Max. Size

Max. Material Thickness



Job Photos
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Waterjet Cutting Center
Waterjet Unit

Abrasive Waterjet cut parts
Sample Parts
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