High Speed Turret Press Punching
For flexibility in short-to- medium production runs, it's hard to beat the versatility of turret press punching. FSF's CNC turret punch press can  punch, pierce, nibble, slot, emboss, louver, countersink, coin and form tabs and ribs.

Turret press punching also affords quick turnaround at reasonable cost since there's rarely any need to develop tooling. Our wide selection of tools perform the most often- requested operations and allows us to make prototype parts or changes to existing designs quickly.
Turret Punch Press Specs
33 tons
Sheet Capacities
Max. Thickness
Max. Size
Max. Weight
440 lbs.
Flexibility? We can even load the CAD file of your part in the machine's control, and be producing within minutes.

Job Photos
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FSF Turret Punch Press Center
Turret Press Center

Parts made on FSF Turret Punch Press
Punched Parts
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