CNC Press Brake Bending
FSF's new-technology press brake performs secondary forming of punched or cut blanks. Its patented servo- drive system offers maximum accuracy at faster cycle times than conventional hydraulic or mechanical units. The  PC operator control also shortens setup time, making small jobs or prototyping very practical.

As for flexibility, air or bottom bending, plus special bends like hemming, bump radius forming and deep box forming can be made. If you own the special tools for a unique job, they are likely to fit our press,
CNC Press Brake Specs




110 tons

Sheet Capacities
Max. Size

Max. Weight

Max. Thickness
 - for 120" sheet
 - for 50" sheet

400 lbs.

for 90° bend
but most form shapes are produced with FSF's tooling. Special tools can be used for 120" sheets to 0.250" thick.

Job Photos
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FSF Press Brake Center
Press Brake Center

Parts bent on FSF press brake
Formed Parts
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